Kati Rubinyi is the founder of the consulting firm Civic Projects.
Civic Projects carries out strategic planning for mobility, urban planning and urban design. Projects are informed by Kati's experience working with material and visual culture, and apply a creative approach to strategic planning. Civic Projects is centered on the belief that design mehods applied to planning result in the positive transformation of places. Kati's career was inspired by the application of systems theory to management consulting as practiced at Ernst and Ernst in the 1970's by Kati's father, Paul Rubinyi, and his collaborator Stafford Beer.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Kati's educational background is in philosophy, architecture and fine art. She received her architectural license in 1998 after working for firms in the US and Canada. Kati taught before becoming a strategic planning consultant with The Planning Center, an urban planning firm. Kati founded Civic Projects as a non-profit in 2010, and later, as a consulting firm. Civic Projects published The Car in 2035, Mobility Planning for the Near Future in March 2013.